It is important for students to see their own progress. In an ideal situation this would be real-time: when a student has a result, it will be processed and shown. However, this is not (yet) possible. Moodle has a gradebook, but can only calculate averages. I also want to show more information than merely marks. Our school does not work with Google for Education and Office365 only operates within a pilot. Therefore, students get a weekly email with an overview: the HUD.

HUD stands for Heads-up-display and is used in games to see where you are towards your goal. With the HUD the student can make meaningful choices. The HUD has the following information:

  • A short overview with the total number of MasteryPoints acquired and the points you could have gained if you would have followed the study planner.
  • Personalized Primary en Secondary Missions
  • Treasure Hunts for extra focus on grammar assignments
  • HP, EP, CC
  • An overview with all the points acquired per assignment.
  • An overview of badges.

Every week an email

Every week students get an email with a personal PDF. This PDF is automatically generated.

Next to all the points that can be gained in Moodle,  I enter all other points rewarded in class in Moodle. Students can quickly see what they have gained for separate items and I have all the points in one system.

I then create a gradebook Excel export from Moodle. This export file is linked to a Masterbook Excel file (with every new export I change the name to a standard one). All points in the Masterbook will be automatically changed and a new mark is calculated. Individual students Excel files are linked to the Masterbook file. Changes in the Masterbook file will therefore also be applied to the student files.

The personal Excel files are linked to personal Word files. These Word files will be semi-automatically turned into PDF files by use of a macro.

With the use of the MapiLab add-on I create personal emails and send them automatically to my students. If I don’t encounter any problems, this whole procedure, starting with the Moodle export, will take me about 20 minutes per class.


Parents get an email half term and at the end. I want to give my students the responsibility to tell their parents their result when and how they seem fit. Still, it is important for parents to keep an eye on their children’s results. I also use the MapiLab add-on to send parents an email with an attached PDF.

A complete HUD in PDF

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”House Aries-HUD”]


1.1 Leren leren door middel van gamification
1.2 Grammatica
1.3 Woordjes
1.4 Zinnen vertalen
1.5 Vaardigheden & Proefwerk
1.6 Badges
1.7 Sociaal- en leergedrag
1.8 Missies
1.9 Voortgang (HUD/Portfolio)
1.10 Remedial Teaching
1.11 Reflectie op oud systeem